Air Purifiers – can they help with Allergies?

The industrial revolution remarkably changed the course of human history. A lot of things became more convenient as industries and manufacturers increased all over the world. However, at least one thing became worse because of this – the air. The quality of air has been worsening for a long time, and now air pollution is a common issue experienced nearly everywhere.

As air pollution is so prevalent, you cannot escape being exposed continuously to polluted air – at home, work, recreational activities. It is quite difficult to avoid being exposed to poor quality air. 

However, there is at least one thing that you can do. You can purify it. Take the polluted air and refine it into healthy, breathable air for your spaces.

That’s where air purifiers come in to save the day, or as it were, the air.

What does an air purifier do? 

An air purifier is an electric device for improving the quality of your air by purifying the air particles. These particles, which contaminate the air, originate from smoke, dust, pollen, and other materials commonly found in homes and other spaces. Their contaminating presence in the air may pose a health hazard to you or those around you. With a clean air purifier, you can easily be free from these harmful particles, and enjoy a healthy atmosphere.

Do air purifiers work? 

In short, YES. Air purifiers suck in the air from the spaces they are installed, purify them by trapping the particles in it, and release clean air back out. The entire process overtime sanitizes the air in your spaces. The kind of particles trapped and how they are trapped depends on the type of air purifier. The placement of the air purifiers may also affect the effectiveness of its function. More strategically placed air purifiers tend to do a better job than similar models positioned poorly. Some air purifiers, depending on their working mechanisms, may even leave gas residue while others will not.

What possible benefits can air purifiers offer you? 

Air purifiers offer considerable benefits. Their air purification function finds application in many situations. Do you have allergies and, as a result, are susceptible to the presence of specific particulate matter in your environment? An air purifier will be a valuable ally to help protect you by trapping most of the air-based particulate triggers in your space. Do you have to share your spaces with places or people that release considerable smoke, or are in any other way exposed to second-hand smoke? An air purifier is a crucial asset to your protection from the associated health hazards of released particles. 

People, who have asthmatic episodes, tend to find that many of their common triggers are air-based. This susceptibility can create a very inconvenient situation when they have to stay in contaminated areas for extended periods. In this case, they will also find an air purifier handy as it reduces their exposure to asthmatic triggers. People who want to breathe in healthy, uncontaminated air find that they can take a few steps towards that by installing air purifiers.

Are air purifiers good for pets? 

The benefits of air purifiers are not just limited to people. Even pets can need them. Pets are exposed to the same poor quality air as people, and the effects on them may be even more pronounced. Taking steps to purify the air your pet breathes is something you should do, and installing an air purifier is a proven way to do it. What are the best air purifiers for your pet? Look for ones marked explicitly for pets.

The choices in air purifiers may vary by individual preferences. However, our simple advice is to get an air purifier with a High-Efficiency Particulate Air, or HEPA, filter. A HEPA filter operates by forcing air through a fine mesh and, in the process, traps several potentially harmful particles, including pollen, dust mites, and smoke. These HEPA filters work with a high degree of efficiency trapping around 99% of 0.3 micrometer-sized particles.  

On our website, we guide you through all the necessary information you need regarding air purifiers. We help you understand what the best air purifier options available for your needs are, how to get them, and the things to look out for where air purifiers are concerned. You will be better equipped to make a great choice regarding just what air purifier you should be looking at to clean your air.